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Women are much focused on their breasts as these are their much-appreciated symbols of femininity and motherhood. Much has been spoken about the methods of increasing the bust line, and there are a vast number of products and procedures available. This article attempts to explore these natural methods.

Biological Process of Breast Enhancement

The female human breasts are primarily a mass of adipose tissue, with the milk duct systems embedded in them. The adipose tissue is a fatty tissue and this is what provides the bulk to the breasts. The adipose tissue is held in place by a system of ligaments called as the Cooper’s ligaments. Cooper’s ligaments run across the length of the breasts and are responsible for the firmness of the breasts. Hence, the roundness and firmness of the breasts is decided by two main things – adipose tissue and Cooper’s ligaments.

The growth of a girl’s breasts begins when puberty sets in. Puberty can begin as early as eight years, or may be as late as twelve years; though in rare cases, it may extend up to fourteen years also. At puberty, the female sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone – are produced. Estrogen is the secondary sex hormone and it is responsible for determining the various feminine aspects, among which breasts also are included. Estrogen makes the adipose tissue grow and the Cooper’s ligaments firm up. This leads the protrusions on the female chest, which are known as breasts. Secondary features such as nipples and areolas are also developed at this stage.

Hence, the biological process of breast enlargement is a purely hormonal process. This is necessary to know before we set out to discuss the following methods.

Natural Methods of Breast Enhancement

It involves both – an increase in the size of the breast as well as an improvement in the shape and firmness of the breasts. Today, several natural methods are being employed to cause breast enhancement.

(i) Herbal Supplements – They are products derived from plants such as blessed thistle, wild yam, Saw Palmetto, dandelion, damiana, fenugreek, fennel, ginseng, etc. These plants contain plant estrogens, called as phyto-estrogens. Phyto-estrogens are very similar to human estrogens in composition and function. They are supposed to stimulate the adipose tissue and hence cause enhancement of the breasts. Herbal supplements are manufactured in the form of breast enhancement pills, lotions, creams and sprays. They are preferred by women as they are easy to consume and carry from one place to another.

The main criticism of herbal breast enhancement supplements is that they tamper with the natural hormonal balance of the body, which may cause lasting negative effects. Medical science has not found any validation of any of these ingredients. Though herbal supplements have effects on adipose tissue, there is no proof that the adipose actually grows to fill out the breasts.

(ii) Padded bras – Though this is not actually a biological method of improving the bust, most people use it just because there are no lasting effects involved. When done, you can simply toss the bra away and return to your good old self. Today there are several kinds of padded bras that can provide a woman with a sexy, full-breasted look. Some of these bras are so well designed that they are not at all apparent from the outside.

(iii) Breast Firming Massages – Breast firming massages have two important advantages – they can tone up the Cooper’s ligaments and make the breasts firmer; and they can flush out the toxins that may accumulate within the breast from time to time. These massages are very simple to perform, and the woman can do it herself in the privacy of her bedroom or her bathroom. Breast firming massages, however, require regular use and their effects are only apparent after a considerable period of time.

(iv) Breast Firming Exercises – Any exercise that is targeted at chest expansion will also bring about an improvement in the bust line. This is because the adipose tissue of the breast is placed directly over the pectoral muscles of the chest. Women all over the world are performing several exercises – most of which are prescribed by Yoga – in order to get a more beautiful bust.

(v) Hypnosis – One of the most unlikely methods of breast enhancement is hypnosis. This method attempts to work by creating a positive synergy in the mind of the woman. Adherents of hypnosis believe that a person with a positive mindset can stimulate the hormones. Since breast enhancement is a hormonal process, there are a large number of people who vouch by hypnosis. No medical justification for this method has been obtained yet.

In conclusion, there are several natural methods of breast enlargement that are in use today. These methods work with different principles, and have different methods of tackling the same problem – that of breast enhancement. Today these methods have gained widespread popularity and are being seen by women as effective alternatives to breast augmentation surgery.